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where to buy lasix April’s Girls Ashley and SophiAshley Harkins – Matron of Honor

Ashley has been my longest friendship as my sister.  Often times the line between sister and “mother” have been blurred as there is a 9 year age gap between us!  She helped raised me and while at the time I hated having “two moms” I’m so grateful for her love and dedication to help raising me.  If Ashley ever did anything, I wanted to do what she was doing.  I started dance because she was a dancer, and when it came time to choose a sorority in college I of course chose Kappa Kappa Gamma just like her.  We now both sit on the Kappa House Board at A&M.  There is never a shortage of things for us to talk about as she is a die hard sports fan. Living in College Station with her husband, Billy and their two kids has increased her love for A&M over the years.  She is the most loyal and loving friend a girl could ask for and she supports me throughout every step of my life.  Jason and I love when her and the kiddos come and stay with us for a few days at a time, and they keep the dogs entertained!

waklert prescription April and AmyAmy Matthews

Amy is my favorite sister-in-law, and that’s not just because I only have one.  Amy has been like an older sister to me and is always there to give me advice whether it’s about life or about the next book I should read.  Amy said she knew Jason was the one for me when she asked what I liked about him and I mentioned I loved watching documentaries…..If you know me, you know documentaries aren’t at the top of my list of things to watch.

Amy and Will (my brother and groomsman) live in Denton and their 15-20 month old (depending on when you read this) keeps them busy.  While I don’t always agree with the outfit choices (Texas Tech shirts really?!?) Jack really is the cutest!

April and ErinErin Babich

Erin and I met in October of 2009 through church and solidified our friendship at Halloween Bunco. Erin quickly became one of my new BFFs and that relationship has continued through the years.  We’ve celebrated the Big 3-0 together as well as weddings, showers, good times, and boy drama.  Erin is the type of friend you hope your kids have one day!  She will bend over backwards for you, literally….just ask her about appearing on David Letterman because she can jump rope her own arms!

Erin went to OSU (Oklahoma State University) and was a Kappa Kappa Gamma there!  While she loves Jason, she doesn’t hide the fact that his alma mater (OU) makes her vomit.  Erin is as competitive as April if not more…enter a game night between the two of us at your own risk!

April and DawnDawn Dellinger

Dawn Anne and I met my junior year at Texas A&M and our love of baseball instantly bonded us!  Dawn and I both moved to Houston over ten years ago and she has been my sounding board throughout most of my adult life.  She is a huge reason I went into sports and worked at the Astros. She has always pushed me to pursue my dreams…even when I didn’t have a clue what those were.

Dawn also helped me with my financial planning and taught me about budgets and planning for the future…I’m sure Jason is thrilled that Dawn broke my bad habits years ago so he didn’t have to!  Dawn has the most beautiful and sassy daughter, Caroline who makes me constantly laugh with her crazy stories.  Dawn and her husband, Wes are expecting another daughter (honorary bridesmaid #1) just 3 weeks after the wedding….so you will be able to easily pick out Dawn.

photo (2)Holly Appel

Holly and I met at church and then happened to sit next to each other again two weeks later.  We decided to go to lunch afterwards and we quickly struck up a friendship!  Holly and I were attended A&M during the same time and we even lived next door to each other while living in the sorority house. However, somehow we didn’t meet until August of 2009 and we quickly realized we had several mutual friends. Holly has been my go to wedding expert as she is also helping me plan my wedding as my wedding planner….all of this while being mom to her two year old twin boys!

April and Kristen 3Kristen Scavuzzo

Kristen and I met our freshman year at A&M when we both were counselors in the same Fish Camp.  We later on went to be counselors for multiple summers together at Sky Ranch in East Texas.  After college, Kristen and I both found ourselves in Houston and moved in together in what we referred to as the Darling House (we weren’t that creative, we lived on Darling Street).  There were many road trips and big trips over the years, and Kristen always made the best “mixed tape” for the occasion.  I still jam out to almost all of the CDs and think about our great adventures.

Kristen now lives in San Diego and is expecting her first child, a daughter (honorary bridesmaid #2) a few weeks before the wedding!!

April and AmberAmber Davis

Amber and I met through Kristen when we lived in Houston and she makes up the final part of the Darling House trio.  Amber is also an Aggie and a die hard sports girl.  Lovingly know as “Ber” by her friends she is always the life of the party but one of the most loyal people I know as well.  Amber and I lived together after the Darling House and now we find ourselves just a few miles apart living in Katy!  Her and her husband, Bill helped us with our “transition” into Suburbia and we love our pizza night and playing 42!  Jason and I were able to celebrate with Amber and Bill the night of our engagement.  Their 16 month old daughter, Chloe, is also the life of the party just like her mom!

Ashley and SophiSophie Harkins

Sophie is my 8 year old niece, and is currently the only girl grandchild.  She absolutely loves animals and has been lobbying for a dog for a long time now.  Every time she visits our house she plays with Ryder and Hudson until they are out of energy.  We love it because the dogs sleep for days after she leaves.  Sophie is a Brownie in College Station, so be warned, she may hit you up for Girl Scout cookies around the wedding!  I don’t think there is a stuffed animal made that Sophie doesn’t own!

Jason’s Boys

Mark Moncrieff – Best Man

Mark is my slightly younger, slightly thinner, and musically gifted brother. He’s also my oldest friend. We moved from London to Dallas almost 20 years ago and he has never left the area. You can usually find him around The Metroplex playing in his band(s), which I recommend everyone to go see. Just ask the Belgians, they’re huge in Belgium!

He’s the only Democrat in the family so it’s quite possible he’ll have his own table.

Will Matthews

Will is my future brother-in-law and he quickly welcomed me into the Matthews family. He’s an outstanding middle school and high school teacher in Denton and also a University of North Texas alum! April and Will love to play board games and are very competitive. When we get together, Will and I take great delight in beating April at her own games and console each other when we lose.

Scott Kelley

Scott is my best friend from Oklahoma. Shortly after we met and most likely after a pint or two, Scott randomly said “this is not a charade”. I replied “we need total concentration”. We instantly became friends because there are probably only 247 living people who have seen Kentucky Fried Movie and Scott and I are among them (also Danny and Luis have seen it so they’ll get along very well with Scott).

Our escapades and shenanigans are too numerous and lengthy to go into any detail but Scott once had one too many Leggs, has a “sweet” tooth, and enjoys being the life of the party.

Luis Mesen

Luis was one of my friends and roommates from Texas A&M. When we met, I believe Luis had bleached hair and wore very shiny shirts. However, we have the same sense of humor so we became friends very quickly.

Luis was my usual partner in crime at Mad Hatters and the co-creator of Bag-Head Dave.

He once had the nickname “Rufio” and is one of the greatest friends anyone could have. He loves to travel and currently lives in Chicago working for United Airlines. If anyone had their luggage misplaced, talk to Luis.

Javier Huertas

I met Javier my Junior year in college. However, our friendship really grew once I had moved to Houston. Javier is the biggest Aggie fan that  I know (yes, even bigger than April!). He will most likely be glued to his phone during the reception checking high-school football prospects for the  2015 Aggie football team. He will also be lamenting A&M’s loss or celebrating their victory in whichever Bowl game they reach.

When I met Javier, his goal was to become President of the United States of America. He  lived his life accordingly, which meant having very few vices while in college. That means he rarely drinks, which makes his Aggie fanaticism that much more impressive! He no longer wants the job in the White House, he’d much rather prefer Texas A&M Athletic Director.

Danny Hall

Danny and I have been friends since our freshmen year in college. We ended up renting a very old and cruddy yellow house during our junior year which Danny adorned with Star Wars paraphernalia, a rather large Isle of Man flag, and a huge Budweiser banner… it was an interesting house!

Danny and I later moved into an apartment with Luis, which is where we played a lot of 42. During the games, Danny was known for his outlandish playing style keeping a case of room-temperature Lone Star next to the table so he didn’t have to waste time getting up and going to the fridge… he was ahead of his time.

If you see Jesus Christ standing among my groomsmen, you’re mistaken, that’s Danny. I once read an article in Rolling Stone magazine in which Dave Grohl said he is constantly mistaken for Danny Hall. His favorite hobbies used to include wearing kilts and lederhosen (possibly simultaneously) and drinking beer.

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  1. Hi April!

    I am so excited for you and Jason! I was wondering what time of day or night your wedding will be as I am about to make reservations. See you soon!


    • Hi Joanie!!! I’m so glad you will be there. We dropped the invitations in the mail yesterday but the ceremony starts at 6pm! Hotel ZaZa is about a 5 minute drive from our venue! I think a few of the cousins are coming in on Friday if you make it in early. I can’t wait to see you then!

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