The Plan

This is where you get to learn all about The Plan. There are actually very few people who knew the intricacies of The Plan so you’re not the last to know. In fact, only Erin, Kristen, and perhaps Holly knew more than anyone else. Ken, Jeanice, my parents, siblings, and Lori, knew only a little.

So, let’s start from the beginning. Before there was even the most basic of plans, there were your “demands”. In no particular order, they were

  1. don’t propose in the apartment;
  2. don’t propose on your birthday;
  3. don’t propose in public (that one was mine);
  4. the proposal should be a surprise;
  5. ask your father’s permission; and
  6. celebrate with family and friends afterwards.

The trouble is that you like to know what’s going on, but you wanted the proposal to be a surprise. You can see where there might be a conflict of interests. My original plan had only one part: to keep everything involving the proposal a secret. However, I soon realized that this wasn’t going to work.

I’m sure you remember that The Plan originally had 4-parts:

  1. sell car
  2. buy ring
  3. ask Ken
  4. propose

My car was dangerously close to turning into a money pit so it really had to go. Plus, it completed the ring fund. You picked me up after I sold it so you knew exactly when step #1 was completed. If you are reading this before the proposal, then you’ll be happy to know that steps 2-3 have also been accomplished. However, I imagine you’ll make your way here once your finger is no longer “lonely”. At which point, The Plan will have come to fruition. I still think that “lonely” is the wrong word and an adjective like “naked” is more apt, but I suppose that is now a moot point.

The Plan was born because you kept bugging me about engagement rings. I know it looked like I was fairly nonchalant about the whole thing, but that’s because I had everything under control. I had a plan. Your constant nagging prompted me to have to tell you something that would get you off of my case. I know, very romantic. You see, I had already purchased the engagement ring while you were still dropping hints that I need to get one.

At this point, I honestly just had a plan, but not The Plan. I knew that I was going to receive some packages that were proposal related and that I would be making one or two trips that were also proposal related. I didn’t want to have to invent lies or excuses because you would naturally be curious and never stop asking questions. The Plan was invented as a catchall for everything proposal and as a device to make you stop asking questions, dropping hints, and conducting an engagement version of the Spanish Inquisition. You really only have yourself to blame for The Plan.

You soon resented The Plan for several reasons. Obviously you didn’t really like being kept in the dark because you were naturally curious about it. Plus, you wanted us to be engaged about three years ago so you were becoming a bit impatient.

I don’t think you gave me much credit with my plan. I was under the impression that you believed that I was using The Plan only as a means of placating you. Not to mention the fact that I could theoretically do anything I wanted and just say it involved The Plan. You could therefore not ask any questions about my activities, whereabouts, and shenanigans. I know this drove you nuts, but that was part of the fun! However, I didn’t take advantage of The Plan. Even my trip to Dallas had a proposal purpose.

Now that you’re learning more about The Plan, here are some dates that you might find interesting:

  • 02/26/14 – sold car (step #1 complete)
  • 03/03/14 – purchased engagement ring
  • 03/09/14 – purchased
  • 03/17/14 – invented The Plan
  • 03/20/14 – received engagement ring (step #2 complete)
  • 03/28/14 – purchased house
  • 03/29/14 – moved into house (demand #1 met)
  • 04/06/14 – asked Ken’s permission (step #3 complete)
  • 04/15/14 – told Erin about The Plan
  • 04/16/14 – set proposal date for 05/14/14
  • 04/18/14 – told Kristen about The Plan and invited them to celebrate with us
  • 04/18/14 – Dallas trip (invited Will, Amy, Jack, Mark, and Allison to celebrate with us)
  • 04/29/14 – April’s birthday – no proposal (demand #2 met)
  • 04/30/14 – told Lori and Dan about our impending engagement
  • 04/06/14 – Jeanice visits to help finish unpacking – thank God!
  • 04/07/14 – I have a panic attack
  • 04/07/14 – I learn that the after-tax-season party is scheduled for 05/14/14… I have a second panic attack
  • 05/08/14 – launched and finalized proposal idea (for better or for worse)
  • 05/08/14 – moved proposal date up to 05/10/14
  • 05/09/14 – finalized
  • 05/10/14 – proposal (step #4 complete, demands #3, #4, #5, and #6 met)
  • 05/15/14 – Stuart and Barbara arrive
  • 05/16/14 – Ken and Jeanice arrive

So, that was The Plan in a nutshell.

Erin was extremely helpful in bouncing ideas off of. Unfortunately the Pizzas weren’t able to join us, but I’m sure we’ll figure out a way to celebrate with them soon.

You’re probably wondering why there was such a delay in proposing. I wanted us to be able to celebrate with family and friends shortly after we’re engaged. This entails having house guests which means we needed some time to put the house together, get guest room furniture, etc. Jeanice was extremely helpful with getting the house ready for everyone. Especially, because I didn’t know that I would have to move the proposal date up by several days!

You now know that you’re taking off this coming Thursday and Friday. The original proposal date was set for 05/14/14 but had to be changed at the last minute when I learned that the “rave” and after-tax-season party were scheduled for the very same night! Murphy’s Law at its finest.  I had several people put that date on their calendars so they could come out and celebrate with us. They were given a last minute schedule change.

I bought because I figured it would be very helpful during the engagement. All of  the good and obvious variations of “jason and april” or “april and jason” were already taken so I acquired after this realization. I didn’t really intend to use it for the proposal, although I admit I kinda toyed with the idea from the start.

I started to panic the second day Jeanice was here because at that moment, I felt like everything was imminent and I was definitely behind my original schedule. Needless to say that I was extremely behind on the new schedule. Just to be clear, I wasn’t stressing about getting engaged, I was stressing out about all of the peripherals. Not to mention, I hadn’t really given the proposal any additional thought. I had been concentrating on what happens after the proposal that I neglected to think about what will happen during the proposal.

On Wednesday night (05/07/14) , you mentioned the date of the after-tax-season party and I went into a panic. It was the one day I didn’t want you to be home real late from work and it was the one day that being late was guaranteed. The next morning, I made a new plan, I quickly put together this website during the next two days, and finalized plans for a proposal using the website.

I wanted to do something that was in my style, made you giggle, and made for a halfway decent story. Obviously, that meant that there was going to be some humor and some sarcasm built into the proposal (I honestly tried to tone down the sarcasm). Plus, there’s the added benefit of having our proposal story already on our wedding website! I love a twofer!

So, putting aside the facts that we’re finally engaged and that you finally have a ring on your finger, I honestly hope you enjoyed the proposal!

Proposal 02

Not-so naked finger 01

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